Group benefits can mean the difference between retention and resignation

Attracting, rewarding, and retaining employees with group benefits has become more important than ever. We not only help find the best-fit benefits for your specific business needs, we help educate employees, and support implementation and enrollment.

Empowerment through personalization

We’ve developed a proprietary process for customized solutions for any stage of your business journey.

Value through employee benefits solutions

Our expertise in group benefits means you get maximum value from a customized plan.

Core Group Benefits:

Group Medical

Medical plans are consistently ranked by employees as the most important insurance benefit. Group medical helps employers prevent costly turnover, improve employee morale, and boost productivity. Flexible funding strategies – including fully-insured, self-insured, and level- funded models – help make group medical accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Group Disability

By age 45, an individual has a 50 percent chance of having at least one disability that lasts 90 days or more. Disability benefits protect you and your employees when a disability makes it impossible for them to return to work or to work full-time. Disability insurance allows employees to replace portions of their income, instead of raiding savings and other assets, until they can return to work. It protects employees from financial ruin when they least expect it. And it provides business owners with a plan to replace income, instead of the company subsidizing this burden.

Group Life and AD&D

Life insurance is the foundation of any benefits program. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 51 percent of all employees in private industry had access to life insurance through their employer. For many employees, your workplace is the only place they will have access to life insurance policies. Plus, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) can provide workers and their families with additional peace of mind at very little cost.

Group Dental

Dental benefits offer advantages to both employer and employees. By encouraging preventative care, there is $4 saved on the employees’ health for every $1 spent. In addition, good oral health supports good physical health overall.

Group Vision

Vision disorders cost U.S. businesses an estimated $48 billion annually in lost productivity. The low cost of insurance premiums pays big dividends with improved morale, health, and productivity.

Supplementary Group Benefits:

Employee Support and Assistance Programs

The Associated Press has reported that untreated mental health issues can cost companies up to $300 billion annually. Employee Assistance Programs, Telehealth, and additional mental health programs can provide employees the support they need and show them they’re valued.

Flexible Financial Tools

Benefits such as Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) offer creative ways for employees and employers to cover health care costs. These tools have greater flexibility and more tax benefits than medical insurance alone.

Worksite and Voluntary Benefits

Worksite and voluntary benefits offer employers a flexible way to meet employee coverage needs with budget- friendly costs. Voluntary benefits include life insurance, disability, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and more, providing a breadth of protection options.

Lifestyle Empowerment Benefits

Our work lives and home lives are increasingly blurred. Lifestyle benefits give employees tools to manage their daily responsibilities at home, which in turn helps them be more productive at work. Benefits include health and wellness, child and pet care, financial wellness tools, student loan repayment, reimbursement programs, and more.

These are just a few of the benefits you can offer to your employees.

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