Employees are the heart of your business

Protecting your employees, protects your company

With 1706 Advisors, you can:

We currently offer more than 600 benefit lines to more than 100 companies

Group Benefits Are An Investment, Not An Expense

Employee turnover has been at an all-time high – and turnover can cost double an employee’s salary

Companies that prioritize
healthcare benefits have lower turnover rates than 75% of other businesses

88% of employees rate the importance of an employment- based health insurance plan as either very important or extremely important

There’s a benefit plan out there that’s better for your company than anything you’ve ever had. We won’t stop until we find it.

Cara Kahan - CEO, 1706 Advisors

Four things to look for in a benefits provider:

Balance of Budget and Benefit:

We know you want to provide as much as you can for your employees while also staying on budget. We help you find the sweet spot that works for both.

Balance of Size and Resources:

As a 1706 client, you get the family-firm benefit of working with the owners and decision-makers, with the resources of a larger firm through our strategic partners.

Balance of Speed and Fit:

The wrong plan can cost you time and money in the long run. We work fast and efficiently to find a right-fit plan for your needs from the beginning.

Balance of Wisdom and Modernization:

Not all knowledge can be reduced to an algorithm, but not all traditions stay relevant. We balance deep industry expertise with the latest trends and data to give you the best of both worlds.

Insurance is a promise to pay. We’re working behind the scenes year round to ensure your plan operates as it should, claims are paid, and employees are satisfied.