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Stellar Customer Service

In a world where customer service is a thing of the past, 1706 Advisors renews my faith in what it means to be a valued client. You don’t get that from many vendors. It’s a rare treat to find a company like 1706.

Stacy is very smart and has the most amazing attitude and energy that she has transmitted to her daughters. I walk away from our meetings feeling uplifted not only by how well they’ve addressed our concerns, but by their vitality. Stacy, Cara, and Alana are invested in our organization and have taken the time to really know us and understand how we function. They’re so committed to finding the best solutions that they feel like partners not vendors.

Protection When It Mattered Most – Joel's Story

Case Study

Stacy grew up with insurance — her dad had the same passion for it. And now Cara has brought that passion and exuberance into the next generation. They’re not trying to sell you — they all have a real love for insurance. They just really care about their clients and believe in it.

Insurance is something you need when you don’t think you need it, and when you need it you’re happy as hell you bought it. In 1999, I didn’t want to buy disability insurance for the three of us at the business. Who the hell is going to get hurt? But Stacy made such a compelling case that my ex-CFO did it behind my back. A few years later, I broke my neck in an accident and lost the use of my legs, but because of Stacy’s passion and persistence, I’ll never have to sell my house or rely on the generosity of friends and family — and neither will my children. I will be financially independent for the rest of my life, and I owe that to Stacy. Thank you, Stacy, for looking out for my best interests.

Millions in Savings

1706 Advisors has worked with Bridgeview Bank Group and BBMC over the last 10+ years because of their ability to bring strong and efficient programs to our bank and mortgage company. They advocate tirelessly on behalf of Bridgeview Bank Group ensuring a comprehensive line-up of benefits that attracted world class employees.

Working hard to negotiate with the carriers, bringing in excellent rates. Many millions of dollars were saved with 1706’s expert skillset and care in making it a priority. Our long relationship is because 1706 has been easy to deal with, professional and took care each day with our account. This level of care, accessibility and good work has made 1706 a trusted partner to us for the long haul.

Balance of Need and Budget

They set a very high standard for themselves because they’re passionate about their work, and we get the benefit of that. For instance, they work it until they find that sweet spot — not over- insured, not under-insured, just the best strategic plan for both our employees and our company.

They’re always pushing us forward. The job market has become so tight, and they help keep us competitive by advising us on how our benefits stack up and how we can communicate that. Their customer service is just exceptional. They talk to HR monthly, and there are probably all kinds of issues they resolve without us even knowing. They absorb the bumps and make it seem seamless.

Passion For What We Do

In the nonprofit world, benefits are of even greater value because
it’s a higher percentage of the compensation. And if you’re in the mental healthcare business, it would be hypocritical if you don’t have a good policy to deal with your own needs. And they understand that as a social services nonprofit, every dime matters. If we spend it somewhere else, we’re not spending it on direct service to our clients. 1706 helps us do the very best we can with the dollars we have, to design optimal plans for our staff. We matter. That’s the difference- maker. They’re passionate people and they repeatedly show you that your business matters a great deal to them.

It took them two years to convince me to sign up with an outside agency to take care of Cobra requirements. Even when they stand to make nothing on it, they’re really good at reminding me about things and making sure we remain in compliance.

Their customer service goes way beyond any insurance agency I’ve ever worked with. They’re incredibly prompt. Sandy Zigmond has been outstanding in responding to questions and helping our staff get things done. Response times are terrific, courtesy and graciousness with the staff is noticeable. They follow up and make sure that things get down the way people want them done.

Nonprofits run on passion. And I’m learning that even in the for-profit world, passion can be fueled in large part by your clients. To meet people who bring the same kind of passion to their work that we do, seems unlikely but they do.

Straight Talk and Superior Results

Insurance can be confusing and scary, especially when you are new to working with it. 1706 Advisors has made everything feel easy, and even fun! As a new HR Manager, having the 1706 team as a resource has been a huge benefit to my understanding of our insurance offerings, and our team feels empowered through the insurance selection process. Thank you 1706 Advisors for everything you do!

Referrals and Recommendations

No matter what the question or problem, Stacy always solves it quickly and to your complete satisfaction. We consider Stacy an indispensable member of our support team. She is always looking ahead for us as we grow, insisting on quality at the best possible process. We have recommended Stacy to a number of our clients and will continue to do so.

Protecting Business and Individuals

I sourced 1706 Advisors in time of need. They were very responsive & got the Business! First, I got the group insurance for my business, and that was working well, so then I got an individual policy, too. Both times they found a policy that worked really well. Very happy with them. Great customer service.

Streamlined Process

I’ve been through this at my old firm, choosing a plan with brokerages that made it needlessly complicated, so I was dreading it. But Cara made what I thought was going to be the most complicated piece in starting my firm into the least complicated piece. She wanted to earn my business and she did, with way better service than I’ve otherwise found out there.

Though I’m not their most lucrative contract by a long shot, they took all kinds of time with me and that’s what’s different. This is a company that’s incentivized by what’s best for me, not for them or the carrier.

Understanding Unique Needs

Stacy understands entrepreneurial businesses because she’s an entrepreneur herself. She’s positive and practical and has a way of aligning all the interests so that everyone is being thoughtful about how they spend their money around benefits.

When I recommend Stacy to my clients it’s because I know she’s going to get them to a right answer for their unique needs. And she’s going to be involved every step of the way.

Protecting Business and Individuals

Their first motivation is to do whatever is best for your company no matter what it takes and that’s rare. Over the 13 years that we worked together, the bank grew from 200 to 1000 employees, and we couldn’t have done it without 1706 Advisors handling the whole group health insurance aspect for us. They were more than up to the challenge. This team can handle anything and handle it flawlessly. Group health insurance is complicated, and these people are the experts. Extremely bright and capable. They helped us find a plan that was great for both the employer and the employee.

Just one warning: this company will spoil you! If for some reason you have to work with another company, it will hurt.

Tirelessly Working on Clients Behalf

It’s not easy to get a claim paid. There’s lots of paperwork and correspondence and 1706 talked us through each step to make sure we did it right. Alana was vigilant! She regularly checked on our progress, our doctors’ progress and the insurance company’s claims process and made sure we were paid.

We did our part; we paid our Long-Term Care premiums. But when it came time for the insurance company to pay our claim, we needed 1706 Advisors’ help. Finally, a company that holds insurance companies responsible for honoring their promises!

1706 isn’t like other insurance agencies. They don’t disappear after the policy is signed. They make sure that insurance companies keep their promises. That’s what insurance is all about – promises that are kept. That’s what 1706 is all about.

Complex Problem Solving

My firm has been working with Stacy and 1706 Advisors for almost
10 years. She has always worked diligently on our behalf and solved problems that were complex in nature. Their team represents us well and their work is always excellent. I would recommend them highly.

Industry Expertise and Integrity

Wonderful to work with. And they hold that balance between what’s in our best interest as employers and what’s in the best interest of our employees. There’s the obvious economics of providing a better insurance program to your employees, but there’s also the intangible — the confidence that our people are being looked after well. That’s a good feeling.

No one’s trying to run up some insurance fees here. It’s the opposite. These are people who work hard and go the extra mile to find what’s best for you and your employees. 1706 Advisors do a lot of things you don’t even ask for. For instance, we have a number of Spanish-speaking employees, and even though they speak English too, they brought in an interpreter to make sure that they understand their options and make the best choice of what’s available to them.

Things change and reacting to the changing workplace laws and regulations is something they do really well. 1706 Advisors let me worry about other things, not compliance. When I think of them I smile because, first they’re wonderful to work with, but also they always make something good happen. The results are always positive, very positive.

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