Our Mission
To empower you to make informed decisions for financial, health and business success.

Who We Are

Our Mission at 1706 Advisors is being a third-generation business with the personal service of a family-owned company and the extensive resources of a large enterprise. Stacy Lang Kahan founded the firm in 1994 as Lang Financial Group, to carry on the insurance tradition she learned from her father. Stacy’s daughters – Cara D. Kahan, CEO, and Alana Lang Kahan, President – are leading the company into the future, under the new 1706 Advisors name.

How We Work

We work side-by-side with our staff of insurance and benefit plan experts, and our mission is supported by ongoing strategic partnerships across human resources disciplines.

This broad structure of expertise allows 1706 Advisors to provide extensive product reach, holistic consulting, seamless operations, and superior client service.

Who We Help

Your employees, C-suite executives, business owners, HR professionals, individuals and their families all benefit from our services.

What We Do

While insurance and benefit plans are our bread and butter, we run our business holistically so our clients are always protected.

A 1706 Advisors Client Scenario

A client comes to 1706 Advisors for an employee health plan. We spend time to learn about their organization, their employees, and their needs. They end up with a plan that makes employees feel appreciated and valued, while the firm stays on budget.

During our conversations, we learn the business owner is exposed to significant financial risk if something were to happen to them or to the business. We then ensure the business owner is protected from all angles.

We do this through a strategic plan that may include life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. Their plan is customized specifically to them, and we have a deep product reach to fulfill the plan.

A year later, they come back to us because business is booming. We help them create a strategic growth plan that takes hiring needs, benefits expansion, and all human resources functions into account.

How We Do It

We run 1706 Advisors based on six core values:
  • Build authentic relationships with stakeholders
  • Approach every client situation holistically
  • Find clarity in the complex
  • Exemplify kindness and compassion
  • Stay attuned and responsive to clients’ unique needs
  • Work tirelessly to find the right solution

The Story Behind Our Name

Insuring and Securing What Matters– 1706 Advisors

Ben Franklin was born in 1706 and is known as the “father of American insurance.” We proudly continue this tradition of protecting people. We protect businesses along their growth journey, and individuals and families at every life stage.

At the same time, 1706 Advisors is constantly innovating. We have a modern approach to insurance, group benefits, and strategic planning that’s connected to what’s happening in the world today. 

I just wanted to thank 1706 Advisors for working with our team at HLC Therapy Group, LLC. I am so honored to be able to offer great benefits for the people who help my clinic to run successfully.

Christine Sumara - Owner HLC Therapy Group