Protecting companies and families is a multigenerational passion for us.

It all started with one simple question: How can we help?

Whatever the need – in the end what we provide is peace of mind.

Cara and Alana with their grandfather. He, like many others, used long-term care as a result of cognitive impairment. Stan Lang founded Lang Financial Cincinnati (our sister company) 50+ years ago.

Our Leadership Team

We’re known for providing high-level expertise and a high-touch client experience.

Stacy Kahan, Founder

Stacy is known as the “Chief Resolution Officer.”

It may sound crazy, but I’ve always been interested in insurance. It started at an early age, learning the insurance business from my father. In college, the insurance classes were the ones I loved the most. It’s no wonder I’ve dedicated my entire career to this field.

Cara D. Kahan, CEO

Cara believes clients come first.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs,
I learned how important it is to get the job done today, while looking ahead to tomorrow. We take this same approach at 1706 Advisors, helping clients with their immediate needs as well as their dreams for the future.

Alana Kahan, President

Alana’s energy is contagious.

I am a people person and love connecting with businesses, families, and individuals to understand their stories, what brings them joy, and what makes them tick. I’m accustomed to thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo, and developing new solutions to old problems.

They do a lot of things you don’t even ask for. For instance, we have a number of Spanish-speaking employees, and even though they speak English too, they brought in an interpreter to make sure that they understand their options and make the best choice of what’s available to them.

Craig Golden - Principal, Bluestar Properties

1706 Advisors Account Management Team

Our account managers excel in customer service – clarifying benefits, handling claims, answering questions, safeguarding client data with HRIS software, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly for our clients.

Sandy Zigmond, Account Manager

Sandy sees the bigger picture and helps clients secure their dreams.

What I most enjoy about insurance is being able to help people secure what every individual deserves. I find the hours spent advising people of their best insurance plan options, fighting claims, and writing appeals to be fulfilling.

Gina Hernandez, Individual Planning Administrator

Gina views every task as an opportunity to help.

I like helping people in their time of need. Everyone here does. There’s a flexibility to the way we work and an understanding that work/life balance is vital to keeping us all happy in our roles. It helps us help our clients.

Danielle Seip, Administrative Coordinator

Danielle is always uplifting the team, ensuring we thrive together.

     In my previous role as a social worker, I                 passionately contributed to my community       and clients’ growth. Now, working in the               insurance world, I can channel that same           enthusiasm for community support by                 empowering individuals to take control of           their financial and physical well-being.

Just one warning: this company will spoil you! If for some reason you have to work with another company, it will hurt.

Peter Haleas - Former Chairman, Bridgeview Bank Group