Everything we do comes down to one thing:
we protect people.
" How can I provide better group benefits to my employees? "
" Can my business find group benefits that fit our budget? "
“ My business is growing and I need HR help.
Am I getting the best value from my insurance and benefits dollars? ”
“ How can I protect my family and my business at the same time? ”
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Cultivating company growth with a thriving, rewarding employee culture.

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Business owners

Securing your business’s future, safeguarding employees, and ensuring your legacy endures.  

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Guarding your family, securing your future. 


What makes us different

How You Benefit

As a family firm with three generations of experience and the resources of a large company, we can help you protect your business, your employees, your family, and your future.

In a world where customer service is a thing of the past, 1706 Advisors renews my faith in what it means to be a valued client. You don’t get that from many vendors. It’s a rare treat to find a company like this.

Nancy Holab Nevins - Executive Director, Am Yisrael Congregation