Stacy Kahan, CLU®


Stacy is the Founder of 1706 Advisors and has led its growth and expansion for over thirty years.

She learned the business from the inside out from her father and went on to start her own firm, Lang Financial Group, in 1994. She grew Lang Financial Group (LFG) from a start-up to an established enterprise that has helped thousands of people and businesses protect what they care about. In 2019, she expanded the business even further by bringing in strategic human resource consulting. Stacy is known for her visionary leadership, passion for the business, and ability to solve any problem. She graduated from the Wisconsin School of Business with a degree in Risk & Insurance and Finance, and is a Chartered Life Underwriter at the Masters level. Stacy’s daughters are now leading the business into the future under its new moniker, 1706 Advisors. 

Stacy's Story

I’ve always been interested in insurance! It started at an early age, watching my father, who ran his own insurance firm. Then when I went to college, the insurance classes were the ones I loved the most, and I decided to major in Risk & Insurance and Finance. I’ve spent my entire career in this field and started my own firm, Lang Financial Group, in 1994.

Here’s what I love about insurance:

I’m known as the “Chief Resolution Officer.” When I meet with someone, whether a business owner or an individual, my experience and genuine interest in them -led to a confidential conversation about their dreams as well as their challenges. I get busy solving problems and crunching numbers to identify a plan to help them, their business, and their family meet their long-term goals.

I believe in straight talk.

People don’t want to think about scenarios like getting sick or not being able to provide for themselves or their families. Or, if they’re business owners, they have to think about everything from providing the right group benefits to employees to thinking about what happens if they are no longer around. What’s even worse than thinking about these scenarios is experiencing them without a plan – and we’ve always done everything possible to ensure our clients are never in that situation.

We “walk the walk.”

To make sure our business continues long into the future, I established a succession plan with my daughters, Cara and Alana. I’m thrilled that they are continuing our family business tradition while also bringing fresh thinking and new approaches to the firm.