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Cara Kahan

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of 1706 Advisors, Cara is leading the third-generation business forward with a commitment to high-level, data-informed client experience.

She works closely with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and HR directors to ensure their employee benefits and individual insurance programs have the right balance for their goals, work culture, and budget. Cara learned the business from her mother, Stacy Kahan, founder of Lang Financial Group, who learned the business from her father. Prior to her CEO role, Cara worked outside the firm as a banking Vice President, so she has a deep understanding of the business from the client side. She’s known for her commitment to protecting her clients’ bottom line while providing personalized client service. Cara earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder – Leeds School of Business, with a focus in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 

Cara's Story

As a third-generation business leader, I enjoy bringing a new approach to the firm while maintaining its reputation for providing an ideal client experience.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I learned that successful people not only have to get the job done today, but they also must keep moving toward their dreams for tomorrow. We understand that concept for our own business and for our clients as well. An insurance plan is an essential part of the balance between the present and future. We need to protect ourselves, our businesses, and families so that if something unexpected happens, support is in place.

Communicating with clients is first.

We listen first before coming up with a truly customized plan. And then, we stay in touch, so we know when things change for our clients and can update their strategies accordingly. We do this in whichever communication style they like best: we take our time and provide education for those who want details, or we provide a quick summary for those who prefer brevity. We also stand behind every product or service we offer – we’d never offer something to a client that we wouldn’t feel comfortable with ourselves.

Keeping 1706 Advisors a modern, growing firm.

I’m passionate about every area of the business - from ensuring we have up-to-date databases, to new compliance platforms, to the meaning behind our brand messages. I’m here to make sure that 1706 Advisors is doing a brilliant job of serving our clients for a long time to come.