Cara, Stacy and Alana Kahan discuss holistic planning.

Featured Interview: 1706 Advisors Rolls Out Holistic Planning Process as a Benefit to Clients

Interviewees: Cara Kahan CEO; Stacy Kahan, Founder; Alana Kahan, President 

1706 Advisors participated in an interview to discuss the value of holistic planning over traditional insurance planning. They explain how this approach can provide a different perspective when creating a financial protection strategy for your business or family.

“A third-generation firm known for its industry leadership in employee benefits, human resource management, and individual and business insurance planning, has rolled out its “Holistic Planning Process” for clients. The company rebranded from its former name of Lang Financial Group to its new moniker, 1706 Advisors, in October of 2022 and has launched its expanded suite of insurance and human resources services as a part of its overall strategic plan to help meet clients’ evolving needs.  

The Chicago-based, family-owned practice has advised employers, business owners, and individuals on protection and insurance strategies for 40 years. The firm’s Holistic Planning Process is unique in its approach to insurance and human resources because it is based on a client’s short- and long-term goals, views a client’s life holistically, and allows for truly customized solutions.”

Read the full interview featured on WGN9 Chicago here.

For more information on solutions for individuals, families and business owners, contact Alana, or for employer solutions, contact Cara

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