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The Pros of Proactive Planning for Every Life Stage

There are milestones we all look forward to – graduations, weddings, new babies, new homes. People enjoy planning for and thinking about these life events. There are also events that people don’t like to think about but that need just as much planning. Preparing for your death, potential injury, or potential illness may seem unpleasant, but avoiding these topics can leave your family and future at risk. Fortunately, it only takes a small-time investment to put a lifetime of protection in place. The key is to be as proactive as possible.

The Timing

Without proactive planning, by the time people realize they want or need protection, it’s often too late to get it. People wish they had disability insurance when they are already disabled, more life insurance when managing a serious illness, or long-term-care insurance when they’re about to move into a long-term-care facility. Putting protection strategies in place long before you need them typically means you’ll get better rates and have an easier process. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind – and that’s priceless.

The Solution

The simple solution is to plan for a life stage or unexpected event long before it happens. Understanding how each life stage can trigger new protection needs is also important.

Growing Your Family:

People often wait until a baby is born to get life insurance. We recommend planning for insurance needs during pregnancy or even earlier. If the worst happens, the family needs the support just as much before a baby is born as after. It’s also one less thing to take care of when an infant needs their parents’ time and focus.

Protecting Your Livelihood:

It’s a fact that during your working years, you’re more likely to become disabled than to die prematurely. It’s easy to think, “it can’t happen to me,” but one in four people will have some type of disability while they’re still working. Whether a sudden disability is temporary, short-term, or long-term, it can disrupt your ability to earn a living. There can also be additional expenses on top of lost income. Disability insurance is, therefore, really livelihood protection, and it’s wise to consider it even when you’re young.

Protecting Your Future:

Protecting your future includes planning for both the expected and the unexpected. You can expect to age and have different health care needs when you’re older, and you can plan for that. We all have our share of surprises, and planning for those is essential. For example, even if you’ve scrimped and saved for retirement, unexpected long-term care costs could eat away at your savings. Long-term care insurance is almost always more accessible and affordable when people get it before age 65.

Proactive planning has big payoffs. Spending a little time planning can give you years of peace of mind. Being proactive can lead to lower premiums and possibly more affordable protection options. And, of course, there’s the payoff of providing security for yourself and your family and protecting what you care about most.

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